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We have very little in the way of history in this country, and we want to tear it down,what do people flock to Europe for in their thousands each year HISTORICAL BUILDINGS and history. Come on we are a young country lets stop pulling things down and preserve the little we have for future generations to marvel at and enjoy, you cannot replace this with a modern glass structure just like all the rest, come on. (D and H)

When will the grubby greedy business people realise that the icons of Brisbane & other places must be kept in tact for posterty & not demolished for their profit. Enough is Enough! (NO)

The Regent must be saved at all costs. (TG)

I am a Brisbane born and bred girl. I think it is astounding that BCC would ever contemplate this redevelopment. Usually they are very strict with heritage listed properties, so how this one has got through is beyond me. They destroyed Festival Hall; we need to fight to save this one. (KS)

I was very disappointed to read about the potential demise of the Regent Theatre in Brisbane. As a child growing up in Brisbane and as an adult I have enjoyed going to the Regent for shows and movies. I was in Melbourne last weekend to see a show which was held at Melbourne's Regent Theatre. The experience of visiting Melbourne an exciting city that contains very balanced mix of the old and the new in every corner, was only enhance by their Regent Theatre. Brisbane is a great city and we need to ensure that we retain a unique blend of the old with the new. I plead with the developers not to replace the Regent with city offices. (FD)

I had my first office in the Regent Theatre, look up at the facade and I was the windows on the right.< The inspiration and the history of that Theatre I can never forget. I have gone on to work with everyone from Mel Gibson to Oprah Winfrey but it all started at the Regent. When I produced Paperback Hero starring Hugh Jackman, it was my request to have the world premiere at the Regent.< Please do whatever you can to save this wonderful place. (Lance Reynolds, former member of band Silver Studs and now resident of Atlantic Film and Television in New York).

Mr. Geoffrey Rush ... I believe you, that you gain victory over developers and another people. You must be like a captain Barbossa. Remember at movie The Pirates of the Caribbean : "The Pirates of the all world, become on!! The East India Trading Company (developers) must be loser!!! Hoist the colours!!!" (VP, Czech Republic)

Just want to send my support in the efforts to save the Regent. Too much of what made Brisbane a charming city has already been forever destroyed. I have very fond memories of attending live stage performances at the Regent before it become a cinema. I was saddened when it became a cinema! We must preserve some of our history and heritage for future generations, including my children. Building a high-rise on top of the Regent is not a solution - it's a way of quietly removing the Regent from the Brisbane landscape. (LH)

I worked at the Regent for 3 years while I was at uni, a lot of my fondest Bris-Vegas memories are in that beautiful building. I used to stand in the Showcase and try to imagine the incredible original theatre it was modelled on... at 17 that was my first lesson that money speaks louder than history,
and I was devastated. (AC)

I thought the days of knocking down our heritage was over when Joh left, how saddened I am to find that as a society we have learnt nothing. Please SAVE THE REGENT it is part of our history and I would like to walk with my future grandchildren and not be embarrassed by only having shiny glass (environmentally unfriendly) buildings of the 1980’s onwards to show. How embarrassing as a so called modern city to have no room for our heritage, only progress. (LM)

Geoffrey Rush´s thought and view is very clever. Developers aren´t carefull for cultural heritage and this is very disastrous... I´m from the Czech Republic and I live in capital city Prague, so I know, that culture, theatres, historical monuments etc. are very important for inhabitants.In Brisbane is the Regent theatre very, very important,...because everywhere are are modern buildings, glass buildings...and this is bad. The Regent theatre must be saved for people, for cultural heritage of Queensland...Australia...for next generation of inhabitants. It is to hard to proceed against the developers...I stand in hope, that Brisbane´s Regent theatre will be save. (VP)

I agree with Geoffrey Rush that our city fathers have no qualms about selling out to venal developers.We must fight to preserve the few important buildings left which give the city charm and character and a soul. (AF)

I live overseas at the moment and I hope to return to the sunny embrace that is Queen St Mall. Not to the shadows cast by an intimidating and disproportionate building. Developers back off. (TB)

Please save something for people to show their children and grandchildren for gods sake. (JH)

Live theatre, musicals & ballet right in the heart of the city would be a fantastic drawcard. Imagine "Phantom of the Opera" at the Regent (the Melbourne season was at the Princess Theatre). In my view, the Regent should be restored to its former glory & become the 'Princess Theatre' of Brisbane - a living museum. (TF)

What a sad day it will be when Brisbane's cultural history will only remain through photographic records and
stories that were passed onto us by our Grandparents. (AT)

I'm an avid theatre-goer, and have been to theatres around the country and in Europe. Being exposed to their beautiful theatres made me realise that we were lacking this is Brisbane, and actually wondered if we had ever had such comparable theatres. Seeing your website today which features photo's from the original Regent Theatre stage/auditorium made my stomach turn - I cannot believe such a beautiful structure was demolished. It actually made me thouroughly angry and frustrated. (KN)

My first date with my husband was at that Cinema!!! (MH)

I've just spent 18 months living in London and traveling throughout Europe and every time I said with pride to someone that I was from Brisbane the first thing they said was "There is no history there" and "it was the most boring place I visited". I was amazed. This is not how I see Brisbane. If we had kept those amazing places (Cloudland, Festival Hall, Shingle Inn and even my local Drive In), we'd have something special, something to be proud of. (CH)

Brisbane has already lost so much of its history and this will be the final nail in the coffin. Let's make this a no go area for the politicians and their greedy developer mates. (GN)

Brisbane has international standard talent in its population and I firmly believe they need a quality large venue as a platform to the world stage. (RW)

I remember when Cloudland was torn down... What a sad day. Then they tore down Festival Hall... Another sad day. Then we had to say good bye to the kitsch and cute Shingle Inn (the chain-stores aren't the same). What will be next - City Hall; Customs House??? I understand that the entry and foyer of the Regent are to be preserved due to heritage-listing, but building something that is modern and new behind it just ruins the significance and beauty of such a wonderful building. My grandmother worked at the Regent many moons ago. She always said how she enjoyed working there and loved the beauty of the place. My grandmother passed away late last year... I'd hate to lose the Regent - it makes me think of Grandma and I smile every time I pass by. (CG)

When will councils and government learn that bending to the developers' will, just to fill their pockets, is just another step in destroying our cultural infrastructure, as well as killing off beautiful historical landmarks. Please stop this supposed ‘progress’. Behind its mask, it's just greed. (KC)

Let's hope this doesn't become the next Festival Hall ... Joh must be giggling in his grave.(BP)
Our objection must not be simply about the Regent. It must also highlight the dangers in allowing heritage places to demolished piece by piece on the argument that the significance of each piece is not great and the more important elements are being retained. (MB)

I'm not generally a cause-joiner but his one just cannot be allowed to happen. (JO)

I cannot believe how soulless Brisbane is becoming in the name of keeping up with the Joneses. All our iconic buildings are being stripped away such that in a few years, the city is going to look like a CG background from a video game. (CW)

I would like to state the opinion that it is places like the Regent Cinemas that are exactly what Brisbane and Australia need, landmarks that show our history and culture. (AR)

Wow this really is sad, what is happening to Brisbane? Beautiful isn't always modern. (KG)

I'm sick of things being torn down in this city. The Belleview hotel, Cloudland, now this. Is it a crime in Brisbane to have something old and beautiful to look at? (JM)

There is almost nothing old left in Brisbane and Qld is just becoming one large housing estate. If they need to find more building space, there are plenty of footie ovals around! (C)

This is awful!... this sucks! No way can they tear down such a gorgeous building. (BS)

Brisbane's history is full of stories of historic buildings being ripped down to build something new and I know I am not the only one feed up with it. (FH)

I am a passionate life-long Regent fan, in both of its incarnations. As there has been cinema screened here continuously since 1929, surely this makes it a significant Brisbane icon. We have lost all other major cinemas in the CBD, and the Regent remains our only connection with the past. (JW)

Just a message of support to say I am one million percent behind the fight to save the regent and I really hope that there is something in the near future I can do to help the cause. Cheers and keep up the brilliant work. (JL)

Just read the info about the Regent. This city seems to have no heart. What is wrong with a society which can tear down the dreams and memories of their Grand Parents? (AB)

It just seems so crazy anyone would consider destroying such an iconic part of the cbd. (HD)

For God sakes, keep a bit of character in this city! This city is already ugly enough with all the modern developments everywhere! (JB)

This is sooo typical of Brisbane. There's zero respect for anything historic in this city. And it makes me so mad. (HB)

This is disgusting. Even if the developers manage to keep the historic features of the building intact, who will get to enjoy them but the executives who lease the office space? (SM)

It makes me so angry that such a beautiful building which is enjoyable for all will now be turned into yet another boring ugly and unoriginal office block. (RM)